SSE no longer offering Building Network Operator Services

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution have announced that they will no longer be offering Building Network Operator (BNO) services.

The decision follows recent changes made by some other Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) such as UK Power Networks, who are no longer offering to quote and install distribution networks and cables within buildings to provide individually metered supplies. Prime examples include apartment or mixed-use developments.

SSEN recognise that there are difficulties in gaining access to these cables when required for maintenance and inspection purposes, or for fault repairs and these are often integral to the framework infrastructures within the building.

The challenges and risk involved by not being able to access these cables has contributed to SSEN’s decision to no longer offer the service. The new process to be put in place will make clear the boundary between the SSEN network and the BNO’s so that there is certainty for customers on the responsibilities between the DNO and the BNO.

What does it mean if SSEN installs your new electricity connection?

If you require individually metered supplies, but accept SSEN’s offer to install the new connection to your development, you will be required to find an electrical contractor to install the submains through to the meters. This is often termed the laterals and risers.

The building owner will then take responsibility for rectifying future faults or issues with the cables, boards, switches or isolators, at their own cost.

How to avoid becoming a BNO?

The simplest solution is to get an alternative quotation for your connection from an Independent Connections Provider (ICP), such as Rock Power Connections. An ICP is an electrical engineering company who can design and install your new supply and has the relevant accreditations to do so.

If Rock Power Connections installs your new connection from the distribution network right through to the meters, we can arrange for your installation to be ‘adopted’ by an Independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO). The IDNO will pay a one-off amount to own your installed network, called an Asset Value, making a competitive alternative quotation to using the DNO.

In addition, the IDNO assumes responsibility for the entire installation in terms of future servicing, maintenance and repair. This includes getting the power back on should a failure occur.

Read more about DNOs and IDNOs and Asset Values here.

For more information on your installation options, read our article BNO installations: What are your options?

How can Rock Power Connections help?

As an ICP and an NICEIC contractor, Rock Power Connections can provide a full design and installation service from the distribution network to the individual meters.

If you would like to talk through the specifics of a project and the options available to you, contact Sophie or Emma on 01905 456384, email or submit your enquiry here.

We offer a free, no-obligation quotation process and have extensive experience of designing and installing Building Network Operator (BNO) installations.

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