What is the true cost of a delayed connection?

There is nothing more frustrating than having a site close to completion, but having no power. Costs can soon mount up in terms of both actual spend on generators, as well as hefty contract penalties.

Then there is the additional resource spend whilst your Site Manager invests hours in driving forward a resolution whilst simultaneously trying to keep site delivery to programme. It can be time-consuming and stressful for all involved!

Perhaps the connection quote from the Distribution Operator (DNO) was slightly more competitive than using an Independent Connections Provider (ICP), such as Rock Power Connections. But how quickly will that saving be eroded if you have no dedicated person constantly driving, challenging and communicating with the DNO?

No construction project is ever without its challenges, but having a wide-eyed approach to the likely delays for securing the power supply can keep things on track.

At Rock Power Connections, you have a dedicated Project Manager plus full back-office support who will strive to hit your energisation date from the outset.


LEGALS - Before an electrical connection can be energised, the legal process determining ownership and responsibility for the installed equipment must be completed. The legal process can involve the DNO (and IDNO), the landowner, the lender and any third parties. Coordinating a paper trail between solicitors can be arduous and slow and can realistically take between 4 and 6 months.

Uncompleted Legals are the most common reason that a supply cannot be energised on time.

Read more on the legal process involved in an electrical connection here.


* The legal process starts upon design approval by the DNO and IDNO: By acting early to secure design approval, you can maximise the time for the legal process to be completed. At Rock Power Connections, our design team will proactively drive the design approval process ensuring any requested changes happen fast.

* Kick start the contract review: Rock Power Connections can provide you with template legal documents which your solicitors can review in advance of being issued the project-specific documents. This means your solicitors can review the terms and clauses before receiving the official copy from the DNO’s solicitors.

* Engage third party landowners early: When it comes to third party land, Rock Power Connections can evaluate alternative routes to avoid this. Sometimes a little extra cable can save a the big legal hassle that accompanies engaging with third party land owners.

SWITCHGEAR – Substations, transformers, panels and switches can all have long lead times of up to 20 weeks. Frustratingly, DNOs and IDNOs demand specific manufacturer specifications so the ability to find an alternative supplier can be limited.


* Get the design stage completed early: Having confirmed approval for the required switchgear means the kit can be ordered early with no risk of it being incorrect. At Rock Power Connections, we have favourable cancellation terms with manufacturers. It means we can order early and shorten timescales with no financial penalty if your design changes.

* Programme your works so that the switchgear is landed last: When working on a project, Rock Power Connections can get the remainder of the works completed to minimise the delivery programme.

STREET WORKS PERMISSIONS – It is very easy to get caught out on lengthy timescales for working in the public highway. Embargos, term-time restrictions etc. can all add weeks onto a programme.

If a project involves public highway requirements, Rock Power Connections will evaluate this at the tender stage. By contacting the Council and getting a breakdown of the costs and timescales, we can build this into our quotation with no nasty delays or cost variations during delivery.


With our experience and engineering knowledge, we successfully manage various ICP projects of varying size and scale across the UK.

By trusting Rock Power Connections with your new or upgraded electrical connection, you can rely on us to deliver your engineering solution on time and on budget.

All our customers work closely with their dedicated Rock Power Connections Project Manager to develop a programme of works that fits with their engineering requirements and is flexible to their needs.

We’d be delighted to offer you a free, no obligation, competitive quote for your electrical connection project. Please email Emma on Emma@rockpowerconnections.co.uk, call 01905 456384 or click here to submit your enquiry.

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