Meeting planning requirements for Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers

Planning requirements around Electric Vehicle (EV) charging are evolving quickly, as the growth in the use of EVs continues to accelerate.

For builders in the process of developing a new residential or commercial premise, here are the main things you need to consider:


Emerging changes in the Building Regulations (yet to be finalised by the Government) will require charge points to be included in new residential and commercial developments, as well as some existing commercial properties.

Whilst you can find full details of the proposals here, to summarise:

  • New build residential developments and conversions will require a chargepoint for each dedicated parking space

  • Commercial developments will require a chargepoint for 1 in every 5 parking spaces.

The London Plan states that developments in all parts of London must:

  • Ensure that 1 in 5 spaces provide an electrical charging point

  • 20% of parking bays must be active and 20% passive for residential developments

  • 20% of parking bays active and 10% passive for employees

  • 10% of parking bays active and 10% passive for visitors or shoppers

Looking to the future, the proposed New London Plan increases this requirement for residential developments to at least 20% of spaces with active charging facilities, and passive provision for all remaining spaces.


The London Plan makes a clear distinction between active and passive parking spaces, but this is adopted elsewhere.

ACTIVE parking bays have an operational EV charger installed.

PASSIVE parking bays do not have an EV charger installed but have the necessary infrastructure in place

during the development phase so that a subsequent retrofitting of additional EV chargers is easy, with minimal disruption. This can mean that the electrical supply is available on site, with ducting in place to allow the easy installation of future cables and chargers.


  • ALLOCATE SUFFICIENT LOAD - Planners require ‘standard’ 3kW chargers (usually termed ‘slow’) where cars will be left for longer periods, such as overnight or longer spells during the day. Fast 7kW chargers are required for a shorter dwelling time, such as retail car parks.

Calculate your immediate requirement, as well as the extra future-proofed load and have this readily available when you need it. You must also include this load in the amount you request from the Distribution Network Operator.

  • GET THE FUTURE-PROOFED SUPPLY TO WHERE YOU NEED IT - This can be very simple at the design stage. Ensure there is sufficient space for a distribution board (housed within a feeder pillar) and ensure the distances between this supply and the EV chargers is minimised to prevent voltage drop. For PASSIVE

spaces, you can install the duct between the feeder pillar and the parking bays, requiring only the cabling and EV charger installation in the future, without the need to re-excavate the car park.

At Rock Power Connections, we will happily design the best electrical layout, providing ducting plans and indicate the footprint required for switchgear.

  • MAXIMISE EV CHARGER USAGE - If you intend to generate income from your EV chargers, locating them where they are most likely to be used will maximise this.


If you are installing EV charging points on your development, speak to us for a free, no-obligation advice and quotation. We can discuss your options and give you an indication of the costs.

At Rock Power Connections we specialise in electrical connections to new developments. We can install the EV chargers and charging infrastructure alongside the main development supply or as a stand-alone installation.

As an ICP, we are accredited to design and install a new electrical supply. We are NICEIC accredited and can offer a full installation service from grid to EV chargers.

Please email Emma on, call 01905 456384 or click here to submit your enquiry.

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