Top tips for getting a new power supply for EV Chargers

With the number of Electrical Vehicles (EV) predicted to soar to 125 Million by 2030, EV chargers are becoming a prevalent sight throughout our daily lives.

Alongside slower charges whilst parked overnight at home or rapid charges at service stations during longer journeys, EV Chargers are a frequent fixture in almost every place we park a car – whether outside leisure facilities such as restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres, or our workplaces.

As EV chargers become more powerful and EV charger banks become bigger, the power demand also increases; requiring a new connection to the distribution network. Rock Power Connections has a wealth of experience in connecting EV chargers to the network. Here are our top 3 tips.

TIP 1: Identify whether you can simply increase your supply agreement or need a new connection

If your installation site already has an existing supply agreement in place with the Distribution Network Operator and you only need a minor increase in supply, (i.e. you only plan on installing one or two EV Chargers), you may be able to change your supply agreement with the DNO.

This is simply a paperwork exercise, but will depend on whether the existing cables and switchgear are sized adequately for your increased demand.

TIP 2: Identify if the electrical load is available locally

Once you have established the total load required in kVA, you can approach the Distribution Network Operator [DNO] to find out if they have spare capacity in the area and where you connect to the network.

Some DNOs may charge for your application, meaning it will cost you to get a quote from them.

Alternatively, you can get an indicative quotation from Rock Power Connections, which will give you a realistic view of the scope and cost of the required works. You then only incur the DNO’s charges when you are ready to proceed. If you don’t want the hassle of applying for the DNO Point of Connection, we can do that for you too.

TIP 3: Plan ahead to energise on time

Before your new power supply can be energised, you need to seek design approval from the DNO and ensure any legals agreements have been finalised. Council approval for road closures can also have longer timescales as well as manufacturing lead times for any required switchgear. Our advice is to start early and stay ahead of the curve.

Rock Power Connections can oversee the entire installation for you, programming your works to get efficiencies in delivery and pre-empt any likely issues. We can offer a full service, including:

* Securing design approval from the DNO

* Programming the installation works to fit your requirements

* Liaising with other stakeholders for the installation, such as the Council, affected businesses and householders

* Full installation of electrical and civil works

* Testing and commissioning through to final energisation.


* Need to avoid downtime? Rock Power Connections can flex the install to fit outside of your operating hours.

* Want someone to undertake the civils works for you? Rock Power Connections can do all the civils including trenching and building plinths. If you get a quote from the DNO, they usually require you to do these on-site works.

* Want us to deal with the DNO? Rock Power Connections will happily take all the hassle.

For more information on installing EV Chargers, please contact Emma or Sophie on 01905 456385 or email or submit an enquiry

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