How to fulfil the EV charging requirements in your planning permission

Widespread availability of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is critical in facilitating the transition to ultra-low emission vehicles and securing the Government’s net zero carbon targets.

A pivotal driver in the increase of EV charging is the proposed changes to Building Regulations which will require chargepoints to be included in new residential and commercial developments, as well as some existing commercial properties.

The Government is yet to publish its final ruling (it was anticipated in January 2020), but the proposals are:


  • For new build residential developments, either housing or apartments, a chargepoint should be installed for each dwelling with a dedicated parking space.

  • For conversions of commercial properties to residential, a chargepoint will be required for each dwelling with a dedicated parking space as long as the building works impact the car park or the electrical infrastructure.

  • For residential buildings that have more than 10 parking spaces and which are undergoing major renovation works, each parking space should have the cabling for an EV chargepoint.


  • For non-residential developments, either new built or properties undergoing major renovation with over 10 parking spaces, an EV charger should be installed for one in every five parking spaces.


  • From 2025, the Government is proposing a minimum of one EV charger in existing commercial buildings that have over 20 parking spaces.


There are a number of proposed exemptions, the most notable of which is where the installation requires an additional electrical capacity which pushes the installation cost of each EV chargepoint over £3,600.

For major renovations, there is an exemption if the cost of the EV charging installation would be over 7% of the total renovation works.


If you need to assess your EV charging options, speak to us. We will happily outline the options available.

  • A Public Network Operator may fund your EV Chargers. If your development is in a busy location with pass-through traffic and is accessible to the general public, a public network operator may be interested in having a charging station at your site. This could cut down your installation cost significantly, whilst still meeting your requirements.

  • You may be able to install one rapid charger instead of fast chargers (7kW+) for every parking bay. A rapid charger (50kW+) will allow a car to charge in around an hour, compared to 6 to 12 hours with a fast charger. Some Councils may allow you to meet your obligation with rapid chargers, which will give you greater flexibility.

  • You could generate revenue. EV chargers have sophisticated software allowing you to set different tariff structures. If installed as a landlord-metered supply, this could be a revenue-generator for the building owner or management company. You could maximise your revenue by allowing visitor or the general public to charge.

  • There are also OLEV grants available. Rock Power Connections can assess whether you are eligible for an OLEV workplace charging or residential charging grant for each socket that you install.

  • Getting electrical load doesn't have to be difficult. If you need a new electrical supply for your development, conversion or renovation, adding in the additional capacity for EV chargers isn’t difficult. You can get your electrical connection adopted by an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO). In addition to being responsible for all future maintenance or faults, they will provide you with an upfront amount – referred to as an ‘asset value’ for the ownership, which can make it a very competitive cost.


If you are considering installing EV charging points at your workplace, speak to us for a free, no-obligation advice and quotation. We can discuss your options and give you an indication of the costs and whether you would need an electricity upgrade.

As an ICP, we are accredited to design and install a new electrical supply. We are NICEIC accredited and can offer a full installation service from grid to EV chargers.

Please email Emma on, call 01905 456384 or click here to submit your enquiry.

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