What key qualities does it take to be part of the Rock Team?

Since Rock Power Connections was launched in 2012, we have become a leading Independent Connections Provider (ICP), offering a refreshingly different approach to electrical connections and customer service.

However, without our experienced team of electrical engineers, our consistent growth would simply not have been possible.

As we head into the winter months – a challenging time when working outdoors – we sat down with Tim Arnott, Construction Manager at Rock Power Connections, to understand exactly what it takes to be part of the Rock Power Connections’ Electrical Engineering team.


“Over the last 7 years, Rock Power Connections have established an excellent company culture, where all team members approach their role with positivity and enthusiasm. This very much extends to the guys working on site. Everyone understands the importance of working and operating to incredibly high-standards and as a result we all share the same work ethic built on a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

All of the Rock on-site team have been recruited by referral as opposed to using recruitment agencies, which means we have all worked together in some capacity in previous roles and, therefore, know that we all share a fast-paced, forward-thinking approach to every single job that we commence and complete.”


“Working on site means that you are working outside. To be part of the Electrical Engineering team, you need incredible resilience that no matter what time of the day or day of the week, you are committed to getting the job done.

This is why we recruit on referral, as we know these guys share the same commitment and loyalty to getting the job done, come rain or shine.”


“The Rock electrical engineering team is divided into small micro-teams so that there is consistency and continuity on all jobs. This ensures the guys establish a strong working relationship, by knowing how one another work, what their responsibilities are and what they need to take ownership of.

As a result, all staff members have a strong level of accountability, meaning that when any issue arises, they fix the problem themselves without any form of blame on anyone else, which is fundamental for any team to work.”


“Rock Power Connections has an exemplary health and safety record, which is supported by all members of the electrical engineering team. Aside from ensuring every box is ticked prior to, during and following completion of a job, the Rock team consistently support one another in learning and development – ensuring that we continue to operate to the highest possible standards at all times.”

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