Helping Hubaib balance study with work

In 2016, Rock Power Connections welcomed Hubaib Altaf to the team as an Apprentice.

Since this time, Hubaib has since completed both NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Business Administration and has also scooped the Heart of Worcestershire (HOW) College Apprentice of the Year Award in recognition of his hard work.

With a clear goal to become a member of the Project Management team at Rock Power Connections, Hubaib is now completing a HND in Business Management. As an intensive two-year course that Hubaib is undertaking alongside his role at Rock Power Connections, the Rock Team sat down with him to understand how he balances work with studying and what advice he has for young people looking to commence their career through an Apprenticeship.

How often do you attend classes?

I am completing a fast-track HND in Business Management, which means the majority of my qualification is coursework based. However, I still attend classes at HOW College every Wednesday, between 12 – 8pm.

To ensure this doesn’t impact my role at Rock Power Connections, I do half a day of work before attending, which means I need to be in the office for 7.30am.

When do you complete your coursework?

I have a number of coursework projects to complete at one time and therefore have to work on these during the evenings. It is really important to me to secure this qualification whilst maintaining my job at Rock Power Connections, therefore I work hard to ensure I can complete both to the best of my ability.

How does your role at Rock Power Connections support your studies?

I work very closely with a few members of the Rock Team, who assign me tasks that are relevant to what I am studying as part of my course. This is extremely helpful as it allows me to understand how my course applies to the day to day running of a business, providing me with real life scenarios to implement into my assignments.

What’s more, the team are extremely helpful and extend their support wherever needed.

What do you find most challenging about balancing studying with work?

The most challenging thing is having practically no social life. I have very little time available to spend with family and friends, as I have to complete course work during evenings and weekends. In addition, my role at Rock Power Connections is one that pushes me on a daily basis. I work in the capacity of Business Support Co-ordinator, which means I spend a lot of time gathering all of the relevant information on new business enquiries, including liaison with the Distribution Network Operators.

However, I really enjoy it and in completing my HND in Business Management I am very hopeful to develop a long-term career within the Rock Power Connections team.

What advice would you give to young people looking to start an Apprenticeship?

Completing an Apprenticeship has been extremely rewarding for me, mainly because it offers a great balance of studying whilst working. For any young people interested in developing their career through an Apprenticeship, I would advise to definitely give it a go, but to make sure they find the right company who can offer a good level of support as they learn and develop.

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