What are the impacts of EV on the local network?

The number of Electrical Vehicles on UK roads is predicted to soar to one million by 2022.

With this shift away from fuel, businesses need to act now to ensure the infrastructure is in place to charge these vehicles. This means EV chargers will become commonplace at supermarkets, service stations and just about anywhere you would park your car.

But how will it impact our local network?

There have already been installations of EV charging points throughout Worcestershire. For example, Crown Gate Shopping Centre, local supermarkets and even the University of Worcester have all installed EV chargers; supporting the Worcestershire LEP Energy Strategy, which aims to install a comprehensive system of rapid chargers for EVs across both urban and rural areas.

However, each of these EV chargers will take a supply from the existing electrical network.


Firstly, we have seen a shift with businesses electrifying their own fleets, requiring banks of EV chargers on their sites. As the speed of charging increases, rapid chargers require greater loads from the network. This capacity must be available locally for this to happen.

Secondly, as more demand is required by EV chargers, this leaves less capacity available for new developments or growing businesses to upgrade their electrical supply.


* Charging infrastructure

With the increasing demand of EVs, there are now a large and growing number of EV charger models on the market.

As with all brands, all vary with charging speeds. You need to consider the number you will require and the speed at which you need vehicles to be fully charged. For example, do your vehicles require a 30-minute turnaround or could your fleet be charged slowly overnight.

Your EV charging strategy will dictate the additional electrical load you will need to power your chargers.

* Electricity bill

As EV chargers will use electricity, your bill is likely to increase. If you are on half hourly metering, you may be charged different unit prices for your electricity at different times of the day. If you develop a charging strategy that focuses on the cheaper ‘green’ tariff periods, this will help to mitigate the cost burden.


With our experience and engineering knowledge, we successfully manage electrical connections for EV chargers across the UK.

We are happy to liaise with the Distribution Network Operator to obtain a Point of Connection and then design a solution which meets your needs.

We’d be delighted to offer you a free, no obligation, competitive quote for your electrical connection project. Please email Emma on emma@rockpowerconnections.co.uk or call 01905 456384.

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