Fast and Accurate As-Laids

Whilst some contractors take the time to produce quality and accurate as-laid documents, others fail to do so, particularly as this is often one of the last tasks to be completed following a construction project.

However, accurate as-laid reports provide a vital point of reference for any future developments to a specific site or premise, acting as a core repository that details the position of all underground utilities and any changes made to them, whilst helping to prevent harmful utility strikes for the long-term.

What does the process involve?

As-laid documents are typically created through CAD operators, who map in 2D or 3D with detailed 3-point measurements and depths, dependent on what specifications are required.

As-Laids can be documented in several different ways:

* Red line hand drawn

* GPS recording

* Topographical recording

* Output into CAD

* Dropped into a GIS/ BIM system

The process then includes locating and measuring on-site elements, pulling together all data into two and three-dimensional CAD drawings.

This can be completed in a matter of days, so it won’t affect project deadlines.

In short, high quality as-laid drawings increases clarity and can provide the project stakeholders with the correct documentation for checking a third party’s work, allowing them to happily continue development and dispute work invoiced for but not completed.

How can Rock Surveying help?

Rock Surveying boasts its own team of underground utility surveyors, who are experienced in creating fast and accurate as-laid documents through the topographic or underground utility survey process.

* Are you struggling with the information provided by Contractors? The Rock Surveying team can provide a fast, accurate fix through topographic and underground utility surveying, with resulting CAD plan.

*Are you in the process of getting the site adopted by an IDNO? You will need accurate as-laids for the completion pack in order to obtain the asset value.

We appreciate the frustration of working on a development site and finding unexpected surprises, but with fast and accurate As-Laid documents, the Rock Surveying team simply take that worry away.

To find out more, contact us by, speak to Carol or Emma on 01905 456384 or submit your enquiry here.

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