Need a survey of a high-risk site?

Rock Surveying can do just that.

At Rock Power Connections, we work in substation environments on a daily basis. Whether we are building new primary substations on the distribution grid or providing a new electrical connection from the high voltage mains in the public highway, Health & Safety is always top of our check list.

With a 100% audit score from Achilles UVDB, we pride ourselves on doing a quality job in high-risk locations. This extends to our Rock Surveying team, who have extensive experience of undertaking utility and topographical surveys in substation compounds and the access authorisations required.

Why survey?

* Incomplete records? Many of our clients simply have incomplete records of their installed infrastructure. Perhaps upgrade works have been undertaken over time and as-laid drawings have not been produced with each phase.

* Time to go digital. Perhaps your records have historically been paper based. Undertaking a survey is a really easy way to obtain an accurate and electronic record.

* New development works planned. To eliminate the risk of cable strikes in any new construction project (such as upgrading a primary or distribution substation compound).

What services can be identified?

Rock Surveying use GRP and ELA to detect metallic pipes, cable ducts, gas and water pipes, electricity cables, telecom and fibre optic cables, voids and tunnels, buried foundations and drainage routes.

Why choose Rock Surveying?

* We offer a nationwide service in undertaking utility and topographical mapping of high-risk environments, including substations.

* We can survey one site or a whole portfolio of sites.

* We do not outsource or subcontract.

* The surveyor also plots the survey results in CAD ensuring accuracy and preventing misinterpretation of results.

Rock Surveying offers a nationwide service, specialising in high risk environments, such as substations, as well as newly acquired sites for development and urban environments. Interested in finding out more? Call us today on 01905 456384.

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