The Rock Civils Team: The Need to Know

Over the past year, the Rock Civils team has grown steadily, providing all manner of excavation, cable and construction works.

Civils Manager, Gareth and the team have a varied workload split between installing electrical connections to businesses and new developments and working on distribution substation sites.

Gareth gives an insight into the work of the team with this latest staff Q&A

1. What services do the Civils Team offer?

The Rock Civils Team offers a range of services, which comprise of the following:

* Excavation and Installation of HV and LV cables in live substations

* Excavation and Installation of HV and LV cables for ICP related works under section 50 licences and permits

* Works in public highways under section 50 licenses and permits

* Concrete plinths

* Installing electrical ducts

* Drainage works

* Fencing repairs

* Tarmac reinstatement

* Concrete reinstatement

2. What do you think are the key benefits of Rock Power Connections having its own civils team over using sub-contractors?

There are a number of key benefits in Rock Power Connections having its own Civils Team. These include enhanced flexibility, limiting the variations, responsiveness, lower costs and improved communications as a wider team. In being part of Rock, we share the same company ethos were quality service delivery is paramount for all jobs.

3. How does your work fit with the wider Rock Team?

Ultimately, we are able to offer end to end services, in terms of providing excavation and installation works to electrical fit outs for ICP and DNO works. What’s more, we can also be flexible with our time and labour to various other departments within Rock.

4. Tell us about your typical day at Rock Power Connections?

At Rock Power Connections, no two days are the same, but that’s why I love my job.

Typical activities include: Site visits, tendering for works, liaising with clients, providing extensive knowledge of civil works, managing the civils team, project managing all jobs, and attending site and/or tender meetings.

5. What do you like most about your job and working for Rock Power Connections?

I like the satisfaction of job completion, working with a great workforce and liaising with various clients.

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