CASE STUDY: Accurate as-laid drawings of installed electrical cables

UKPS needed to provide accurate as-laid drawings for recently installed HV and LV networks across various new developments in the South East.


Overall, surveying and as-laid drawings were undertaken for five sites.

The Rock Surveyors mapped all cables by including signals and tracking the route and depths.

Rob Ford, Utility Surveyor, explains “This kind of work has a lot of limitations and can often be unsuccessful. The Rock Surveying Team were able to use recent training and experience to provide the exact results that our client was looking for. In all a very successful project.”


* Accurately mapping the exact position of cable joints was particularly challenging.

* Cable and joint positions were locate using GPS and total stations to provide precision positioning.

* All work was carried out quickly and without issue.


Rock Surveying boasts a specialist and experienced team who excel in tailoring utility mapping surveys, including both GPR and Topographic surveys, to meet individual demands, creating a detailed final product that saves time, cost and resource when compared to conventional trial hole excavations.

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