How to get an increased electrical supply

Whether you are an expanding business or a landlord with a new tenant that requires more power, getting an increased electricity supply should be easy. With a business to run, you have a million things to do. Our simple steps below should guide you through the process.

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STEP 1: Identify what your current supply agreement is for

Your premise will have an existing supply agreement in place with the Distribution Network Operator for the amount of electricity you can draw from the network.

The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is the owner of the electricity network in your area.

STEP 2: Work out what load you need

Whether you are simply adding a new piece of machinery or changing the current use of a premise, you need to calculate how much load you need. An electrical contractor can do this for you or, if you have a list of the equipment and its energy consumption, it can easily be calculated.

Often a diversification factor is applied to equipment which is not running 24/7.

The DNO will also want to know if you have any motors or welders and, if so, what the start-up and running loads are.

STEP 3: Identify whether you can simply increase your supply agreement or need a new connection

If you only need a minor increase, you many be able to change your supply agreement with the DNO. This will all depend on whether the existing cables and switchgear are sized adequately for your increased demand.

If not, you will need a new supply to your premise to cover the entire amount. The DNO will not let you have two separate supplies, so you cannot have on just for the upgrade amount.

STEP 4: Apply to your Distribution Network Operator for a Point of Connection

Once you have established the total load required in kVA, you can approach the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to find out if they have spare capacity in the area and where you can connect to the network.

This is called the ‘Point of Connection’ and is the cable from which you will connect your new supply.

Click here for an easy way to find out who your DNO is.

Some DNOs may charge for your application; Essentially it will cost you to get a quote from them. Read more about DNO charges.

Instead you can get an indicative quotation from Rock Power Connections, which will give you a realistic view of the scope and cost of the required works. You can then only incur the DNO’s charges when you are ready to proceed.

If you don’t want the hassle of applying to the DNO for a Point of Connection, we can do that for you.

STEP 5: Get a quotation for the works

The DNO can provide you with a quotation for the works and you can seek a competitive quotation from an Independent Connections Provider, like Rock Power Connections.

STEP 6: Installation

Depending upon the scale of the works, this can take up to six months if you have a large load which requires a substation. The main steps are:

  1. Getting the design approved by the DNO

  2. Switchgear lead times – some substation kit can take 12 weeks

  3. The legal process – this can also take between 3 and 4 months and needs to be completed before the supply can be energised. (Find out more link to legal blog)

  4. Undertaking the commissioning checks and getting the supply energised.


* Need to avoid downtime? Rock Power Connections can flex the install to fit outside your operating hours.

* Want someone to undertake the civils works for you? Rock Power Connections can do all the civils including trenching and building plinths. If you get a quote from the Distribution Network Operator, they usually require you to do these on-site works.

* Want us to deal with the Distribution Network Operator for you? Rock Power Connections will happily take all the hassle.

For more information on getting an upgraded supply please contact Emma on 01905 456384 or

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