The Rock approach to Health & Safety

What is the Rock approach to Health and Safety?

Rock Power Connections prides itself on quality, and our approach to Health and Safety is certainly no different.

We have a ‘safety first’ culture, where work safe means home safe. It’s simple but effective.

Since inception, Rock Power Connections has embedded Health & Safety at the heart of the company. The Directors have always been keen to nurture a proactive approach and collective responsibility amongst all employees.

Key to success is recognising that staff involvement and trust is critically important.

As Commercial Director, Kev, explains “Our focus has always been on positive relationships between the Directors, the site teams, the office staff and our Health and Safety Consultant. We operate on the core values of trust and transparency and we want these firmly embedded within the company.

Hierarchy doesn’t come into it. We make it very clear to team members that they have the right to challenge anyone on Health & Safety. Whether it be a colleague, management or even a client.

Clear Benefits

The success of this strategy is clear. In our most recent Achilles UVDB audit, Rock Power Connections achieved 100% for Health and Safety both inside the office and onsite.

Alongside this, our safety record of no Lost Time Accidents, RIDDORs, or incidents worthy of investigation by the HSE over our entire period of operation, demonstrates our deep commitment to a safety culture, combined with the very best practices.

How do we achieve this?

Rock Power Connections’ Health and Safety strategy hinges on staff engagement.

Operations Director, Reece, knows it’s about simple communication: “Asking for employees’ opinions and consciously acting rapidly on suggestions or shortcomings means the workforce knows that we are serious about their involvement.

As Directors we have a regular presence on site; we want to go to see the team in their daily setting and understand the challenges they face. It also breaks down barriers; the guys know if they ever have a concern or suggestion, they can come to us directly and we’ll act on it.

In addition, continuous investment in health and safety training has ensured that safety is on the top of the agenda and in the minds of our workforce each and every day. Our training and development strategy includes the following:

- Every month, a Health & Safety bulletin is circulated to all team members by the Operations Director. This covers any policy changes and relevant news items. We also prompt discussion around our clients’ safety bulletins. This allows learning from the accidents of other subcontractors.

- Rock Power Connections has a Health & Safety subcommittee with representatives from the site operatives. This allows experience and best practice to be shared across sites.

- We have a thorough audit schedule including weekly audits by the Site Manager, monthly audits by our Health & Safety Consultant and impromptu audits (not less than monthly) at Director level.

- We provide an annual team training day, held and led by our dedicated Health and Safety Consultant.

To further supplement our focus on safety, we have worked with an external Health & Safety Consultant – Lee Haysman – since the company’s inception. Lee provides strategic guidance on new and emerging safety initiatives and is a regular presence on substation sites.

Lee added: “I have witnessed employees develop and flourish following valuable time spent coaching and mentoring at all levels of the business over the past five years.

What’s more, II have worked with the management team, its engineers and sub-contractors to put into place strategies that encourage a positive health & safety culture, without unnecessary bureaucracy or excessive costs. It has clearly worked.”

Lee summarises the Rock approach in its simplest form “Safety doesn’t happen by accident.”

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