Family Business… Is it the secret to success?

As a family run business, Rock Power Connections prides itself on its business culture, helping staff members grow and develop in a professional yet friendly environment.

This has been built by the three Directors - and family members - Reece James, Kev Sankar and Matt Crampton, who have worked side by side over the past five years to develop and establish Rock Power Connections as one of the UK’s leading independent connections providers.

So, is a family business the key to success? We asked Reece, Kev, Matt and their Partners to tell us what they really think:

Describe Rock Power Connections in 5 words:

A safe, caring, family business. [Beccy Sankar]

Friendly, Exciting, Competitive, Quality, Reliability. [Reece James]

What do you like most about working with members of your family?

I think because we are all at the same stages of our lives and share common values, these translate consistently in terms of our goals for Rock Power Connections and the roles that we all play in achieving these. Naturally, there is some constructive friction sometimes, but we are all work in a very open and collaborative manner. [Matt Crampton]

We all have the same common values and work together, as a team, towards the same shared goal.

Ultimately, we all believe in the growth and success of Rock Power Connections, so it’s great to be able to share this with family members. [Beccy Sankar]

How has your experience of running a family business changed over the last 5 years?

It has certainly got more interesting as the years have progressed, purely as a result of the growing scale of the business and the number of challenges and opportunities this brings with it. We can’t be involved in all decisions so have needed to create time to think and develop people we trust to run daily aspects of the business. [Matt Crampton]

Over the last 5 years more family members have joined Rock, which not only strengthens the company due to their total commitment for the business but helps them feel part of what we have developed. It’s also nice to also share the success with them and to be able to offer jobs that fit in with family life. The most rewarding is to be able to give my 17-year-old son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a chance to work in the office to gain work experience and learn great life skills where he may had struggled in the outside world. [Reece James]

Rock Power Connections boasts a strong staff retention rate – How do you keep staff members happy in their job roles?

We have a great team ethic. Hopefully by creating a learning culture our employees feel engaged, fairly rewarded, and also feel they are developing as the business grows. As 99% of the team have come from personal recommendations they come into the business understanding the goals and values of the business. [Kev Sankar]

We offer training and career progression in an exciting, friendly company. We listen to individual needs and try to work with our staff to achieve their goals. We treat our staff as individuals, not numbers and find the occasional social event can also help strengthen our team. It’s simple, look after your employees and they will look after you, as without them we wouldn’t have the company we do today. [Reece James]

Photo: Brian, representing the older generation of the family

What do you feel are the key benefits to a family-run business?

I believe family members who are involved in running the business together are more committed to its success. As a family, we have invested a lot of time into the business to set it off the ground and are continually motivated to help the business survive, develop and grow. [Beccy Sankar]

Many people advise they wouldn’t be able to work with their family members. What’s your secret to success?

Ultimately, we have complete trust in one another as family and team members, knowing that we are working towards the same goal for the growth and success of Rock Power Connections. What’s more, working with one another has actually strengthened family relationships, complementing home and family life. [Sharon James]

I actually enjoy working with both my husband and wider family members, and find we are on the same wavelength when it comes to any issues or challenges we face within the business. To ensure we have a separate home life, we just leave work related discussions at work, and have learnt to respect one another in our professional positions. [Niki Crampton]

Do you find family dynamics ever affect decision making?

Despite our different personalities, we have surprisingly similar views when it comes to Business. With all decisions, we aim to collaborate in the best way possible, and will often reach a compromise quicker out of respect for one another as both family and team members. Ultimately, family comes first and when we are all working towards the same goal, it can actually aid the decision-making process. [Kev Sankar]

Photo: Reece and Matt, completing a site audit

Compromise and family support is key when difficult decisions are needed to be made. We are united in have the best interests of the company and our staff members at heart. [Sharon James]

How do you manage to draw the divide between the work-life balance?

For me, it’s flexibility and ensuring I don’t take work home. [Sharon James]

As a business, we pride ourselves on family values, and have therefore adopted a flexible, caring, supportive approach for all staff members. Personal life comes first, and we actively promote a flexible approach to work. I made a lifestyle choice when we created Rock to only work 3 days per week so I can spend more time with my family and pursuing other interests. [Kev Sankar]

I am at a stage now where I have supporting staff, so do not have to work the long hours that I did during the early years. It is easy to get swamped as the business grow, so as I no longer work full time I do get to enjoy personal time away from the office. In saying that, I am always available to work as needed and do find that I often keep up to date even when on holiday. [Niki Crampton]

Where do you see Rock Power Connections in 5 years’ time?

As a business, we will still be growing, but won’t lose our quality approach or personal values. As a result, I really hope the majority of our team members will still be part of the business, and we will still be delivering a quality, competitive service to customers UK wide. [Matt Crampton]

I believe that as we continue to move forwards, we will become more efficient, whilst maintaining our quality of work and good reputation. I am really keen that we continue to support our team in developing within the business, showing how much value we place in them. [Niki Crampton]

Photo: Beccy, working from home

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