Rock Power Connections celebrates Apprentice Success

Hubaib is Rock Power’s Connections first apprentice. Joining the company in May 2016, he successfully completed his Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship and has now progressed onto his Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with Heart of Worcestershire College.

In the words of Hubaib’s tutor, Vern Littley, “It has been great to see how Hubaib’s work and overall employability skills have developed since he started his studying and development. Overall, his attitude to study and development has been excellent.

We asked Hubaib to talk us through his experience.

What did you do before you joined Rock Power Connections?

Before I joined Rock Power Connections, I was the Manager of our family restaurant. I worked there for around 3 years, originally starting in the kitchen on the packing station where I was in charge of deliveries and take outs.

From there, I slowly made my way to front of house. From my position as Kitchen Support to becoming Manager, I learnt a lot of skills and most importantly, understood the value of hard work.

Getting out on site: Hubaib (left) with Project Manager, Rob.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

When I first started, we were a small office team, which meant we had a lot to do, often outside our core job responsibilities.

As an Apprentice, this actually worked to my advantage, as it provided me with the opportunity to do extra tasks and support various staff members, enabling me to learn a lot more than what I had signed up for.

What’s more, I thrive on developing transferable skills, which the company has strongly supported me with – particularly as I work with different departments, and team members of all levels.

Tell us about your typical working day at Rock Power HQ.

Rock Power Connections has established a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service. My role in administration helps with back office support, so my typical day includes opening and responding to emails, setting myself a to do list and completing tasks.

My typical tasks include updating spreadsheets, applying for relevant information from the Distribution Network Operators, speaking to clients, planning exhibitions, answering phones, filing, and dealing with initial enquiries.

What are the top three lessons you have learnt, which you feel are vital for working life?

Education never stops, you should attend every training courses available to you. Always make notes and create to do lists with time scales and priorities. Find ways to better the customer service in all areas, work smart not hard

What are your long-term career goals?

I personally believe it’s really good to be working where you have the best of both worlds, in the sense of hands on and office work. Rock Power Connections ticks all the boxes for me e.g. distance to travel, friendly employees, support in personal and work life.

There are also great opportunities to climb the ladder as the business grows, whilst developing my individual skillset. I can happily say my long-term plans are to stay with the company.

What advice would you give for someone considering an Apprenticeship?

I would explain to them this route is the best decision I ever made and has developed me in many ways, both personally and in my career, and I hope it would do the same for you!

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