Battery Storage for Business: Q&A with Rock Clean Energy Director, Chris Roberts

Following the Rock Clean Energy and Chamber of Commerce ‘Battery Storage for Business’ Seminar, Director, Chris Roberts, has taken some time to provide answers to key questions on Battery Storage.

Will it be just like solar, where the Government will eventually cut all subsidies and tariffs?

The revenues from battery storage are not government subsidies (extra payments intended to grow a specific industry). National Grid has a need for services to help it respond to the growing demands on our system and will contract with providers to buy those services. It is forecasted that the National Grid’s need for those services will continue to grow.

Batteries are halving in price every year; why don’t I just wait until next year and install it at half the cost?

Two reasons:

> Battery prices have reduced dramatically in cost, but that downward curve is levelling off and there are upward pressures on prices (such as supply of raw materials).

> Battery storage systems can protect your business, generate savings and revenues NOW, so every day that you do wait represents benefits lost. Ultimately, there is a clear and quantifiable cost of delay.

It’s so complicated; everyone I speak to gives me a different answer. Why can’t anyone provide some certainty over the solution and benefits?

There is already risk and uncertainty in the future price of energy and the reliability of our electricity system. The installation of a battery storage system mitigates much of that risk and uncertainty. Furthermore, we would put your system in the capable hands of KiWi power, which boasts vast experience in managing such systems for the benefit of its clients.

I understand the technology, but don’t see how I’m going to sell this to my Financial Director, Can you help me?

Yes, we can provide a fully costed business case for you along with various finance options, which includes a free fully-funded option. We’d also be happy to support you in explaining the proposal to your colleagues.

There are only a couple of these installed in the UK. Why should my site be the guinea pig?

Tesla built their first system in December 2012 and has since deployed >300MW in over 18 countries and the number of installations is growing globally at a significant rate. Most notably the massive 100MW Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia was switched on at the beginning of 2018 and has proved itself many times over. It even surprised its owners when it responded to the loss of a coal fired power station in 0.14 of a second. By investing in battery storage, your business would quickly become an esteemed company.

If a business already has transformers, multiple switch rooms and a wind turbine on site; how will you manage to configure a battery into this as well?

As experienced HV electrical engineers we have all the necessary in-house capabilities to work out how to connect be it at HV or LV.

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