Understanding your electrical connection quotation

You need a new electricity connection and have finally received an offer from your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO). After wading through the numerous pages and trying to understand numbers, you’re probably left scratching your head trying to makes sense of it all.

At Rock Power Connections, we understand that our industry can seem very confusing at times, especially to new customers. There is strict legislation and various acronyms to get to grips with before you can fully understand and make a judgement on the value and the quality on offer.

As an Independent Connections Provider (also known as an ICP), we’re here to help you make sense of your new connection quote.

In this article, we’ll explain the key parts and guide you through the quotation in order for you to make an informed judgement.

Contestable and Non-Contestable Works

Your local DNO will offer you two (or maybe even three) options on your quotation:

  1. For the DNO to complete all the works (contestable and non-contestable)

  2. For the DNO to complete the non-contestable works and an ICP to complete the contestable works.

  3. For the DNO to complete the non-contestable works and the final closing joint and an ICP to complete the contestable works.

So what’s the difference and why does it matter?

First, let’s start with some key terminology. Contestable and Non-Contestable works are the two key elements to every new electricity connection project or upgrade.

* Non-contestable works. These are the works required to reinforce the distribution network in order to allow your new connection or increased supply. These can only be undertaken by the DNO.

* Contestable works. This is the new network from the Point Of Connection to your site/premise, and may be carried out by an ICP such as Rock Power Connections.

* The final closing joint is the ultimate connection of the cable to your building or site to the distribution network. In some cases, this is classed as ‘contestable works’, but the DNO offers it as a service in case an ICP does not have the capability to do this part of the work.

Why do the costs vary for different options?

If you decide to approach an ICP, or already have an offer from one, you may see a variation in non-contestable costs for an ICP undertaking the project, compared to the DNO doing the work.

But WHY?

The DNOs factor in additional costs that they will incur if an ICP undertakes part of the work. For example, costs for the DNO to visit site and conduct an audit. In addition, there are design and assessment charges that must be factored in.

As an ICP, we have no control over these costs; we literally pass them straight through to the customer. The extra costs are often marginal and are balanced out by a competitive ICP quotation. Rock Power Connections will always supply a quote that delivers excellent value and exceptional customer service using a flexible approach that fits in with your site works.


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