Emma & Evie join Rock for work experience

The Rock head office team welcomes two students - Emma and Evie - for work experience. This is their account of what they found:

“During our week of work experience we decided to spend two days at Rock Power Connections. We felt this would be a valuable experience as we are both looking to start up our own businesses in the future. The friendly people at Rock helped us to get a really good feel for each role within the company.

We have learnt about the risks associated with working on substations and around the work place. For example, ensuring that personal protective equipment is worn at all times, knowing the safety procedures in the event of an emergency, and ensuring National Grid and other rules are followed in order to prevent accidents and injuries.

We were fortunate enough to get a field trip (literally in the field!) to the local primary substation. From outside the compound, we were shown how electricity is transmitted into the local area and how voltage is stepped down through transformers in order for it to be used safely.

Once we arrived back in the office, we joined the rest of the staff at their weekly ICP project meeting to discuss the progress at each site. This was interesting as we saw what components and steps you need in order for a project to be successfully completed. Later we met up with one of the project managers, Rob. He showed us what his job involves; such as overseeing site construction, keeping in close contact with the clients and managing time schedules.

We also researched business marketing and looked at what awards the business should be entering, along with other events that may be suitable for the business to attend around the Worcestershire and wider Midlands area.

Due to our aspirations of owning our own businesses in the future, we asked to be shown the financial side of running a company; the basic principles of how to generate sales and profit. We also sat in on an HR meeting to discuss how to enhance various roles and further develop the team.

We have really enjoyed our time here at Rock Power Connections and now have a good sense of what a small business is like and how it is run in order for it to deliver great customer service and to be successful.”

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