How to build a Rock Solid business? Put the customer first.

‘Poor customer service shouldn’t be the norm –

Let’s build an electricity connections business that puts quality and the customer first’.

This was the guiding principle of Rock Power Connections’ Reece James when he decided to build a new utility solutions business three years ago.

With over 25 years’ experience working in the electricity industry, Reece’s project management background was extensive and diverse, covering installations from LV connections to primary substation sites up to 400kV.

In addition to his strong knowledge of constructing 11kV distribution substations and dealing with the incumbent Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), Reece had also worked as a utility solutions consultant on behalf of major UK developers.

Despite competition being introduced in the independent connections market over 15 years ago, Reece could clearly see that customers were still frustrated with the quality of service, speed and flexibility from the DNOs. From private clients to major developers, there was a need for an electricity connections company that really understood the customer and could be on their side.

With this broad experience and his ‘customer first’ approach, the move to create his own electricity connections business was perhaps less intimidating, particularly since it gave the opportunity to really focus on what matters – delivering excellent customer service.

Reece says: “Making the leap was daunting at first, particularly putting in place all the procedures and infrastructure required to achieve our Lloyds NERS accreditation.

But it soon enabled more freedom, allowing us to make the decisions about how best to operate on a day-to-day basis and how best to deliver quality commercial and industrial electricity connections to our customers – offering flexibility and superior choice.”

The creation of a sustainable business however, requires more than one person. Rock Power Connections’ reputation is built on the experienced and knowledgeable team that sits at the heart of the business. Co-founders Kev Sankar and Matt Crampton have supported the development of the business, with their combined 50+ years’ experience across senior commercial and finance roles.

This balance of skills has enabled Rock Power Connections to flourish over the last few years, providing more and more commercial and industrial electricity connections and growing the engineering and customer service team to become one of the UK’s leading Independent Connections Providers.

Reece continues: “This ability to grow and nurture the business culture is special; our customers really value the quality we provide and our employees are genuinely engaged and enjoy working in an environment that provides plenty of development opportunities."

And the hard work of the past three years has recently been recognised. Earlier this year, Rock Power Connections won the ‘Most Promising New Business’ at Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce Awards. It also took the ‘Commitment to People Development’ Award for the entire West Midlands Chamber of Commerce region and were National Runners-Up.

Reece concluded: “It has been an incredible three years. We’re delighted to have recently won to Chamber of Commerce awards – both demonstrate our commitment to customers and our people.

We have consistently put people development at the heart of our business growth strategy, providing extensive up-skilling opportunities for our team of over 20 electrical engineers. The hard work of all our team has paid off.

So, with his extensive experience, if Reece was on the other side of the fence and requiring a new electricity connection or upgrade to an HV network, what three questions would he ask a potential independent connections provider? Reece provides his views:

1. What is your electrical connection experience?

Definitely do your research and see if the company is up to the job. At Rock Power Connections we are fully accredited to connect commercial and industrial sites to the network, and make solar farm electricity connections. We also have years of experience under our belt. We have successfully delivered numerous industrial and commercial electricity connection projects and have a committed team of multi-skilled engineers.

2. How flexible are they to my project needs?

At Rock Power Connections, we pride ourselves on being dependable and flexible. With our fast response, robust planning and a can-do attitude, we’ll manage and support you at every step of the way.

3. How will you help me get the job done?

Our knowledgeable and friendly project managers are on your side. They will talk you through every step of your project’s progress and ensure you get a tailored first-class professional service.

For more information on how Rock Power Connections can help, please visit our connections page or download our new factsheet.


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