Our Health & Safety is embedded in Trust & Transparency

By Lee Haysman

Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and Rock Power Connections’ Health & Safety Consultant

By Lee Haysman Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and Rock Power Connections’ Health & Safety Consultant

Within any engineering company, health & safety is paramount. Rock Power Connections has an excellent health and safety record and consistently strives to improve its already outstanding performance. Key to this success is recognising that worker involvement and trust is critically important. The company has successfully built positive relationships between its management team, its employees and health & safety experts to ensure that a culture of trust and transparency is embedded within the company.

As a leading Independent Connections Provider, Rock Power Connections understand that an outstanding workforce is built on the pillars of trust, respect and co-operation. As the company’s Health & Safety Consultant, I have worked with the management, its engineers and its sub-contractors to put into place strategies that encourage this positive health & safety culture, without unnecessary bureaucracy or excessive costs.

To guarantee success, the trust and transparency culture must live throughout an organisation – starting from the top. The management at Rock Power Connections consistently address the engagement topic in a meaningful way. For example, in discussions and feedback at every management meeting, regular health & safety bulletins and through leading by example when on site. In addition, continuous investment in health & safety training has ensured that safety is on the top of the agenda and minds of the workforce, every day. Coaching and mentoring Site Managers following completion of industry recognised training has also been invaluable. The company has seen a tangible improvement in safety engagement by explaining why we want to involve workers and what is expected from them. Asking for employees’ opinions and consciously acting rapidly on suggestions or shortcomings means the workforce knows that we are serious about worker involvement. A safety campaign on three key construction related topics has also been rolled-out and awareness raised at all levels of the organisation. Rock Power Connections also ensures that if a person makes a valid health & safety suggestion or recommendation he or she receives immediate feedback, even if the answer is “sorry we can’t do that and these are the reasons why.” The fact that the employee’s views are treated seriously is as important as agreeing with them. It is also important to publicise our responses to employee suggestions so the lessons are shared across the whole organisation. Management being visible, walking around, talking to its multi-skilled employees also promotes the health & safety message too. Going forward, Rock Power Connections is promoting the ‘Challenge Culture’ which empowers the workforce to engage with people working in an unsafe manor without fear of any reprisal.

The early results of these trusting and engaging principles and strategies is very promising. The company has seen higher levels of workforce motivation. As a health & safety professional, it is great to see a company so committed to promoting and living a positive health & safety culture. Ultimately, this positive culture could save lives and reduce injuries in the highly specialist field of electrical connection services. I look forward to working with Rock Power Connections in the future to see its trust and transparency culture continue to grow.

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