Brendan cruises across Cuba

Every so often, we hear of a phenomenal charity challenge. Back in October, Brendan Fitzgerald completed an incredible 450km hand cycle across Cuba in just five days to raise money for Regain – a charity which funds specialist equipment to those affected by paralysis.

Brendan handcycles across Cuba

Rock Power Connections has been honoured to sponsor Brendan in his quest which sounds nothing short of epic. Over the course of his journey Brendan had to contend with the scorching sun, 'undulating' hills and pot holes!

Brendan explained “I did turn my handbike over on day one which was amusing, but still managed to get back on and finish the ride. All did not go exactly according to plan though, as on the last day of the ride I got an infection in my leg and was admitted to hospital direct from the finish line. Consequently the 8 days I was supposed to spend recuperating on a beach and drinking my own body weight in rum, was spent in hospital on an IV drip. Not quite the fluid intake I had planned.”

Brendan has raised over £1300. Donations are gratefully received at Brendan’s fundraising page:


In 1998 I suffered a fall which broke my neck and paralysed me from the neck down, and as a result I was diagnosed as Tetraplegic. This means that paralysis affects my entire body below the level of my injury including both my arms and both my legs.

​ ​​  ​Brendan handcycles across Cuba

I spent over a year in Stoke Mandeville hospital and had several operations to try and fix my broken neck and repair my spinal cord. After a year and a lot of operations I managed to regain a little bit of feeling and movement in my arms and hands. Although I am still a permanent wheelchair user, my life is now back on track and I am loved, healthy and happy. I now want to do something to help others who are going through what I went through.

When I was going through my ‘darker times’ a charity called Regain loaned me a handcycle in order for me to try and build up my strength and fitness, and help me to regain some independence. A handcycle is just as it sounds, it is a specially adapted wheelchair/cycle that is propelled by the arms instead of the legs. As a thank you to them I have set myself a challenge to try and raise funds for them and support the work they do. They are the only charitable organisation in the country dedicated solely to improving the independence of people like myself who have become tetraplegic as a result of an accident.

As part of my fundraising, on 8th Oct 2015 I will be taking up the challenge to handcycle 300kms over five days, across Cuba. I know it will be tough but it will be worth the effort as all funds raised will go to the charity and help others in my position.

My injury happened when I was only 38. I was fit and active, and as a kick boxing instructor with two gorgeous children I enjoyed my life to the full. Unfortunately this type of injury can happen to anyone, with devastating effects. Please help me to try to achieve my goal and make a difference to others. No matter how small your donation, it will be gratefully received. I am so close to my target now that every penny counts

Thank you for visiting my page and thank you for any donation you are able to make.

Brendan handcycles across Cuba
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