How does the sun create more work for Rock Power Connections’ engineers?

As we head into autumn Rock Power Connections, an award winning Independent Connections Provider, is taking stock of another busy summer. Since the clocks moved forward in March, Rock Power Connections’ electrical engineers have been making the most of the light and better weather, working on various reinforcement and upgrade projects for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), the companies responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses.

Rock Power Connections prides itself at being able to deliver quality electricity connections to every customer or utility consultant, in any weather - throughout the year.

To complete the electrical connection and engineering projects, part of the network needs to be switched off to allow engineers to work on the 33kV, 66kV and 132kV equipment safely. The DNOs switch off part of the network and transfer homes and businesses to another branch of the supply, meaning customers are none the wiser. For Rock Power Connections’ engineers though, it means they have a short window of time to work on the equipment and reinforce the electricity connection and supply for thousands of customers.

Operations Director, Reece James, explains: “In the summer, we generally use less electricity in our homes. We don’t switch our heating on and we’re out and about a lot more compared to the cold winter months. This means the DNO can switch customers across to a different section of the network at a lower risk. In the winter, when our homes need maximum electricity, the DNO needs all of its network to be available.”

Planning is crucial to ensure that everything stays on schedule. When the company is working on a project, the guys will be available through the night, if required, to ensure the circuit can be returned quickly in an emergency. Summer issues such as working in the hot sun, keeping hydrated in heavy fire retardant overalls and being aware of thunderstorms are all carefully planned for in the detailed risk assessment which is completed before the job starts.

From March to October, Rock Power Connections’ engineers make the most of the light and the extended hours to get the work done for its customers, to ensure all projects are on time and on budget. But this doesn’t mean the winter months are for relaxing. Quite the opposite as Reece explains:

“In the winter months our engineers, as they are throughout the year, are busy on different types of electrical connection projects. We will be working with individual ICP customers and carrying out industrial and commercial electricity connections and potentially solar farm electricity connections too. In addition, we will be busy designing and planning the next projects for the DNOs, as well as finishing off those projects started in the summer.”

Winter brings along its own set of challenges; from ice and snow, to heavy rain and mud. But Rock Power Connections prides itself at being able to deliver quality electricity connections to every customer, in any weather - throughout the year.

Reece concludes: “DNOs across the UK are investing record amounts in their ageing network to improve reliability for customers and ensuring new connection projects can access the electricity network. The Department of Energy and Climate Change estimates that between 2014 and 2020 up to £34 billion of investment* could be required in electricity networks to ensure they are fit for the future. We play our role in ensuring the critical investment work is carried out with a very low chance of customer disruption.”

Rock Power Connections offers services directly to DNOs, Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) and their major subcontractors. The company can work on grid sites up to 400kV, specialising in DNO sites up to 132kV. In addition, with decades of industry experience, the company also offers customers a superior choice of Independent Connections Provider under the Lloyds NERS Scheme. The friendly team has the credentials and the skills needed to offer a complete electricity connections service. Rock Power Connections are specialists in designing and installing new and upgraded electricity connections to business, industry, solar PV and renewables sites.

Why choose Rock Power Connections for your new or upgraded supply?

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  • No hassle. We deal with the DNO

*Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), “Delivering UK Energy Investment: Networks” (2015)

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