Management development programme advances rock members for the future

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As Rock continues on its growth trajectory we know, that our people are our greatest asset.  As we navigate through the challenges ahead, how we engage and support our colleagues will be pivotal in our success.

We’ve recognised several employees that play key role in our amazing company and invited them to join the first cohort of a management development programme. This bespoke six-month course has been tailored specifically to Rock.

The cohort spans the breadth of teams within the company and offers the perfect opportunity for people to get to know colleagues they may not work with on a daily basis, share different experiences and listen to different perspectives.

Why it is important to invest in team Rock? Well, any organisation can have the best systems, processes, and products in the world, but the chances of being able to achieve success is down to the people, culture and leadership.

Why specifically a management development programme?  Managers translate organisational objectives into plans, as well as organise, develop, and monitor these to deliver results. They are often the eyes and ears of the organisation.  Skilled and effective managers are critical to employee engagement, organisational success, and customer satisfaction.  Without great managers, things just don’t get done. Investing in our managers will enable them to tap into the unlocked potential of their team.

Sayer Emrich | Senior Programme Manager who is part of the programme comments “For me, it’s given me some excellent tools to take away. Ranging from, how to approach and have those difficult but honest conversations and providing feedback, to delegation and setting the team up for success, giving them the “Why”.”

“In summary and in my role, this will help me unify the team to our business common goals and objectives.”

Theresa Cochrane | Office Manager, who has also taken part in the programme comments “This six month course has been a good insight on how to manage myself and my growing team – dealing with challenges (highs and lows). It has given me good management tools (everyone is different and has different ways of working).  Well worth participating in if given the opportunity.”

“Rock is in the early stages of an extremely exciting and ambitious growth phase, and this is being driven by one thing: our people. We are unbelievably well stocked with natural leaders and self-starters, so investing in their skills and management techniques was probably the easiest decision we have made in the last 12 months. It is fantastic to see the benefit the attendees have taken from the sessions, and I have no doubt that our people and clients will feel the impact of this also.”   Richard Chavasse | Managing Director

Managing the development programme, Lucy Barkas, leadership and team development expert, Owner of 3WH comments “I have really enjoyed working with the team. Everyone is incredibly skilled at their jobs, and sharing best practices, ideas and tips on how to be a better leader has given them all confidence in what they were already doing well, and tools to do even better. Whatever role or experience level you are at in your career, developing your skill set is an ongoing process. Noone has all the skills at the right time, and we all need a little space to grow.

Any company that invests in its people is a company that is focusing on the future”

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