Laura’s future is bright thanks to Rock

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As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? If you grew up knowing what you wanted to do when you were older, you were one of few. For most of us, we fall into our careers.

For Rock employee, Laura Hilton, she knew she wanted a role with numbers. When the opportunity came along to join Rock Power Connections as a Finance Assistant, completing an Accountancy / Finance Apprenticeship, Laura couldn’t say no.

Completing her Apprenticeship and having a work placement in a busy environment allows Laura to put the college theory into practise.

As part of her Apprenticeship Laura is working through her ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. The ACCA formed in 1904 and is the global professional accounting body offering the “Chartered Certified Accountant” qualification. ACCA is a fast-growing international accountancy organisation with more than 2,00,000 members and more than 500,000 students in 180 countries. Laura has completed 7 out of the 13 exams and is expected to complete the final exams by December 2024.

Laura commented “My day can be varied depending on how far through the month we are. Most days are usual ‘Finance’ tasks – processing invoices, getting them approved, and then reconciling them with statements. I support the PMs by putting together financial reviews for completed projects and any that need a check, as well as regular mid project financial overviews for all jobs to help manage costs.

However, recently I’ve been getting involved with more of the month end processes, like preparing the journals and getting my head around the long-term contract accounting file.

We all dig in where needed in the office and so, some days are completing general office tasks, such answering the phone, booking hotels, or helping with IT issues.

I have never worked in Finance before I started with RPC. I am so grateful for the opportunity that Rock has provide me with, an apprenticeship, workplace learning and qualifications. The most challenging part of the apprenticeship has to be the exams, but so far so good!

It’s really exciting getting an insight into this incredible business and to see how quickly the business is growing with all the future opportunities coming up. I feel fortunate to play a part in this.
I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful colleagues, supporting me along the way.

At this moment in time, I’m not sure what the end goal is, however the door is open and my future is bright, thanks to Rock”.

James Wells, Finance Director comments “Laura is approaching 18 months into her programme and is progressing really well. Having done it myself, I know how challenging it can be balancing work and college commitments. She’s passed all exams first time to date and you can see a big change in her level of understanding as she starts to apply some of the more technical theory to the practicalities of working in a Finance team.”

Well done Laura.

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