Challenges to consider when getting a new electrical connection

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When constructing a new property or business premises, business park or developing a generation site, you may need a new electricity supply.  If you do need a new electricity supply, there could be several challenges that you may encounter and need to consider when getting a new electrical connection.

If you do encounter these challenges, this should not deter your development.  Here at Rock Power Connections, we’ve worked on several sites overcoming challenges that you might think could stop your development, before it’s started.

Your site location: If site is located in a busy city centre bringing a new connection to site may be more challenging. Although being in a very rural location may also provide its own challenges if there isn’t existing infrastructure in the local vicinity.  

Utility, topography and sectional surveys: It’s always important to take into account any hazardous zones, local utilities or elevations when planning a site or deciding on location.  Surveys need to be carried out to ensure you are not building in an area that would increase costs or health and safety concerns due to utilities or cabling that require re-routing.  Sectional surveys allow you to see the different elevations of areas under consideration for development, keeping in mind that slopes and hills and greatly increase costs due to the civils requirements for removal of earth, levelling and retaining walls.

Environmental considerations: Nesting birds, hibernation periods for mice / frogs, endangered species lists, tree protection orders, planning permission to remove trees along with criteria for re-planting, building on flood plains.  All of these environmental considerations and more need to be taken into account, depending on the area you are looking to develop.

Does the network have capacity for the requested supply? Dependant on the size of supply, if capacity is not available at LV, a HV point of connection may be provided which would require the installation of a new substation.

Are network reinforcement works required to enable the new connection to be provided? These can cause delays to completing the new connection whilst waiting for the DNO to carry out the reinforcements.

Distance of the Point of Connection (PoC) from site? Civils and traffic management costs are massively impacted by the distance the new supply would need to be installed from the PoC to site.

How Rock can help you

Rock Power Connections have a vast wealth of knowledge, with over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of the industry with its ‘can do attitude’ will get you connected to the network in a professional and timely manner.

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