Car Dealerships upgrading infrastructure to prepare for 2030 deadline

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EV car sales are increasing month on month and with the Government deadline of 2030 around the corner, the ability for Car Dealerships to charge their stock vehicles as well as staff vehicles, will require them to have more chargers installed on their sites and ultimately a bigger supply.

How are you preparing your car dealership for this? Have you thought about this and do you have plans in place? The good news is, if this is something you’re considering, the timing couldn’t be better.

Why prepare your business for EV Charging before 2030?

  • Future proof for the extension of your company’s EV fleet now
  • You will reap the benefit now; in the future it will be a necessity
  • Maximise the financial benefits of fleet transition to electric
  • Reach sustainability goals that safeguard the planet
  • Futureproofing your estate in this way will also add value to your property portfolio

How can Rock Power Connections help you?

Here at Rock Power Connections, we can provide new electrical connections or upgrade your existing infrastructure, fitting new faster chargers.

We have already worked on projects with Volvo, Porsche and Audi to upgrade their electrical connections. Acting now can help you avoid the gridlock and, ultimately, ensure a simpler, smoother transition to the world of carbon free transport

Why choose Rock to upgrade your supply?

  • As an Independent Connections Provider (ICP), we design and build electrical infrastructure solutions across the UK, bringing high voltage power to the places it’s needed, helping our customers to grow their business operations.
  • We’re also on a mission to decarbonise built Britain, driving the expansion of EV charging and onsite power generation.
  • Rock has a client first ethos, been a family run company we want to make sure your business delivers what you promise, by bulk procuring your substations we can deliver upgrades on time with little disruption to your business as possible.
  • We are fully charged and ready to go to lay the ground works and infrastructure for Ultra rapid EV charging hubs at our client’s workplaces across the UK
  • An in-house team of 75, with a mix of capabilities inc. design, project management, fitting, wiring, civils, jointing, surveying and commissioning
  • Supported by efficient process and accreditations independently audited e.g. 100% Achilles scores in 2018 & 2019 & 2020

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