Are you a facilities Management company or Managing Agent? You may need us!

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Are you a facilities Management company or Managing Agent? You may need us!

Would you like an alternative to using the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for electrical connections?

Rock Power Connections can offer you a competitive installation that stops where your work begins.

Why use Rock instead of the DNO?

Offering a more competitive price, a design and installation programme that flexes around you and we take the hassle of dealing with the DNO. Effectively, better, more time efficient service for less.

We stop where your work package begins so we don’t tread on your toes and your works are not reduced.

When you use the Distribution Network OperatorWhen you work with Rock Power Connections
* You apply for the connection* We apply for the Point of Connection from the DNO at no cost with no obligation. We take the hassle!
* You liaise with the DNO in terms of accepting and programming the works.* We liaise with the DNO for the non-contestables. We design the connection to exactly fit your needs. We can flex our programme of works to fit the site timescales.
* The DNO adopts the installed network.* We arrange for an Independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO) to adopt the installed network and they pay to do this. * Their payment £££ gets passed to you when the supply is energised. * Competitive quotation.

How about multiple supplies within the same building?

If you have an apartment or mixed-use development, we have a great proposition for the installation of individual meters – often termed as Building Network Operator (BNO) installations.

  • We install the initial supply to the building, stopping at the intake.
  • You install the internal network splitting into individually metered supplies.
  • We get the initial intake and end meters adopted by an Independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO).
  • The iDNO payment which is received at energisation is passed to you (or your client).

This is the ideal and most-competitive way for your client to get the individually-metered solution they want.

If you use a DNO for the intake, you won’t get a financial kick-back upon energisation.

Working with Rock Power Connections…

We think it is a win-win situation. As reassurance, we’re not out there to steal your clients. We want to build long-term, sustainable relationships where, through working collectively, your client gets a more competitive quote with excellent service.    

We do the part of the works that the DNO usually would. You do the works you usually would. Your client gets a competitive price. You don’t deal with any hassle from the DNO.

Your Project

If you have any projects you would like to chat through, email

We offer a fast, free, no-obligation quotation and can quickly tell you if we can be competitive compared to the DNO.

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