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Hereford Grid Substation

Rock Power Connections undertook an extensive project in 2023 working on behalf of National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED) to construct and improve a new primary substation in Hereford.

NGED provided the programme of works and appointed Mannings Construction to undertake all of the civils work alongside Rock Power Connections. 

The project build included the following components;

  • To install a new 132KV compound. 
  • To install a new transformer. 
  • New busbars – installed throughout 66kv.
  • 5 new circuit breakers in 66kv. 
  • Install of a new 132kv control room
  • Install of a new 66kv control room.
  • Moving the pylon to allow for the compound to be built.

This was to be a comprehensive and challenging project due to the size and scope of the plan, and three different sections of a build programme to complete.

Rock Power Connections completed the project in a two and a half year time frame to NGED’s requirements.

Old 132KV compound

132KV CSE has been installed in the compound for Transformers 4 and 5. Originally there was a 400kv pylon that had fan downs to old concrete structures along with droppers and busbar feeding the transformers. All old concrete structures have been demolished and removed from site with new steel structures erected and 132kv cable sealing ends installed to original disconnectors.

66KV compound

66kv compound has had 70% of its busbars and disconnectors updated to Aluminium bar along with new Lucy disconnectors. 4 new GE circuit breakers have been installed as well as a new GT6 bay. New AC and DC ring has been installed throughout the terminal pillars along with new multicore install to most.

New 132kv compound

A new 132kv compound has been built with a new GT6 132-66KV transformer. Two new bays have been built in order to remove the old pylon and install CSE to old transformers. The new compound consists of:

  • New Grid Transformer
  • New AUX transformer
  • New 132kv Pylon
  • CVTs
  • Circuit breakers including 2 Live tank circuit breakers
  • Multiple mechanical disconnectors/earth switches
  • Gantry’s to facilitate fan downs from the pylon
  • New structures and busbar through out

“We are extremely pleased with the completion of this project. A special thank you to everyone, who contributed over the past couple of years.  Team Rock is very proud of the outcome of this project and look forward to working on more sites with National Grid in the future.”

Nick Emerson, Head of Distribution Network Operations at Rock Power Connections

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